Mentors for Host Nation Military, Government and Business

What is a Mentor?

A Helper

A resource: provide a base of experience on knowledge of the industry and career related lessons

Someone who cares: give time, energy and support

A facilitator: provide a network to other corrosion professionals

A Colleague

An advocate: speak out for the veteran, the profession and the professional

A celebrant: share the achievement of the successful completion of menteeā€™s education/training and build professional self esteem

A confidante; establish and maintain the mutual trust, confidentiality and regard necessary professional growth

A Model

A facilitator: promote and enable the veteran to become an educated and trained corrosion professional and network to aid mentee to find gainful employment

A visionary: make a positive contribution with a belief in workforce development and the support of our troops by observing, discussing, giving and seeking feedback

A Situational Leader

A motivator: challenge, encourage and promote the discovery of undeveloped potential

A leader: who is self directed and worth following being flexible willing and able to adapt mentoring responses to be more effective

A role model: consistent demonstrator of integrity and high professional behavior