The mission of Host Nation Perspectives is to provide the highest quality, geographically tailored Cultural Awareness/Language training and Linguist Support to the US Military, Governmental and Non-Governmental agencies preparing to conduct Contingency Operations. Host Nation Perspectives provides the tools necessary to succeed around the globe.

Proven Experience

HNP has compiled an extensive roster of the most highly qualified linguists, trainers and project management executives available. Vetted linguists from critical areas provide mission critical language services. HNP's proven instructors, mentors, project managers, and executive level team members include decorated prior service US Military, Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Government Agency personnel.

Language, culture and operational training programs conducted by HNP are proactive, solution based exercises that build on lessons learned in multiple theaters.

Host Nation Perspectives has a history of providing top notch training and support services for military, government/non-government and civilian agencies. Your team will receive the highest quality training available and will be miles ahead when they put boots on the ground.

“HNP Provides Solution Based Training and Experienced and Trustworthy Linguists-Services that result in mission success.