About Us

Host Nation Perspectives (HNP) is a leading provider of Monitoring & Evaluation Services, Defense Base Act Investigations, Linguist Services, Program Management, and Staffing Solutions. HNP has the experience, background, integrity, quality, enthusiasm, and the right team to meet the most demanding requirements.

Headquartered in the US, with offices in Kabul, Herat and Kandahar, HNP has over 15 years experience as a Prime Contractor for the Department of Defense, the Department of State, and the Department of Homeland Security. We provide a full array of support services to clients in the private, commercial, and government sectors. These services include staffing, program and personnel management.

Solving real-world problems in countries around the globe allows us to access a tremendous amount of quality associates with unparalleled experience. HNP can provide highly trained personnel to conduct any mission in almost every county in the world. We offer a toolbox of solutions, including situational awareness, geographic expertise, and linguistic precision, to accommodate any client’s unique operational needs, helping to ensure mission success.

At HNP, we believe the keys to success are exceptional customer service and flawless execution.


The mission of Host Nation Perspectives is to provide locally based, highly trained and vetted personnel capable of accomplishing any mission.  Host Nation Perspectives provides the tools necessary to succeed around the globe.

Proven Experience

HNP has compiled a worldwide roster of thousands of highly qualified local national (LN) experts in all fields: military, police, linguist, trainer, legal, finance, engineering, media, and project management. Vetted personnel from key locations provide mission critical services. HNP’s leaders include decorated prior service US Military , Special Operations, Law Enforcement and Government Agency personnel.

Host Nation Perspectives has a history of providing top-notch training and support services for military, government/non-government and civilian agencies. Regardless of the mission, the HNP team assigned to complete it receives the highest quality training available and is 100% ready when they put boots on the ground. Ongoing training ensures HNP teams continue to incorporate customer feedback.

HNP’s Solution Based Planning and vetted personnel will ensure your mission’s success.